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3rd chemo today!

Got my 3rd chemo treatment today! 3 down, 5 to go!!! And the Dr loved hearing about the head shaving party! I'll have to take him a pic of the mohawk!

Having trouble with a sinus inf and just finished an antibiotic. Dr said this chemo kinda opens up the sinuses so this was normal (YAY!...NOT!) He gave me a script for some codeine cough med.


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Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day! I am so thankful for my Mom and Mom-n-law, especially right now. Don't know what I'd do without them while going through chemo! They are my right hand ladies! :)


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The deed is done! No hair!

Well, we had my "Head Shaving Party" last night! We all (family) got together at Mom & Dad's house and broke out the clippers! Hannah and Nika each shaved half of my head (leaving a strip down the middle) and then we spiked up the middle into a mohawk and took lots of pictures! I channeled my inner skinhead and punker! Then I took the clippers and shaved the rest myself. And then John took them and evened it all out for me (I'm sure he didn't think he'd be shaving my head after 13 yrs of marriage!!) We all had ice cream sundaes to finish off a silly evening and I tried on several hats and wigs! Made lemonade out of lemons! :)


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Starting to lose hair!

Starting to lose the hair..4 to 5 strands each time I run my hand through it! Hello clippers! Hannah is so excited to help shave my head! The kids in her class keep asking if I'm bald yet!! Ha!

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I won the lottery- kind of!

It feels like I won the lottery..."Cleaning for a Reason" has connected me with a local cleaning service (called Clean Sweep of America) that is going to come clean my house for FREE since I'm a cancer patient! How fabulous is that?


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2nd chemo- done!


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Storming in Memphis!

After an evening of sirens and warnings...So glad the storming is over and we can get some sleep and thankful the girls slept right through it! Thank you, Lord for the calm after the storm! I am looking forward to the calm after the cancer storm too! Thankful God will get me there too, but I'll just have to wait a while!


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Enjoyed some pampering!

Enjoyed feeling normal by going to Girl's Night Out last night (Humdinger's was yummy and Soul Surfer was excellent!) and had fun being pampered at the American Cancer Society's "Look Good, Feel Better" class today with 8 other survivors (and got some free make up!)!


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Back to West Clinic for a shot!

The day after every chemo they will have me come in for a Neulasta http://www.neulasta.com/ shot that will force my body to create new white blood cells and keep my white count up to reduce my risk of infection. The nurse said because it is forcing your body to make white blood cells it can cause your bones to ache. They have found that taking a Claritin D the day of treatment and 2 days after helps with that bone aching. So I'll take nausea meds (the nurse said to take them every 6-8 hrs and not let nausea get a hold of you), Claritin, vitamin, and steroid after each treatment!


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1st chemo @ West Clinic

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1st chemo at West Clinic today


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1st visit with Radiation Oncologist

April 5, 2011- went to see Dr. Lillian Rinker for the first time. She explained how my radiation treatments would go, how they work, and what side effects I might have. She was very thorough and very nice! We were there for 3 hrs! She said they are going to be getting a new radiation machine this summer and are expecting the installation to take about 3 months. She is hoping they will be finished before I need to start my radiation treatments in Sept! They want me to have a 4 wk break between chemo and radiation. This Dr. said I had the A team taking care of me, that if she had to go through this she would choose my surgeon and Medical Oncologist! That made me feel good! God has put me right where I need to be! Thank you, Lord!
I also called Dr. Schwartzberg's office about my appt next Wed to see if I am likely to start chemo then and the nurse said probably so! She said he may have me come back on Thursday to start it and just see me on Wed. I'll just try to prepare myself for a long day on Wed so I don't get surprised. A few friends who have been through this said that first chemo treatment takes about 7-8 hrs since the Dr sees you, they do labwork, and have to mix up your chemo medicine, etc! I'm just ready to get this started so we can be on our way to being done!


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1 week post op check


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March 21, 2011- showed up at 8AM @ Diagnostic Center to get injected with radioactive dye so that during surgery they could tell which lymph nodes that dye went to 1st and remove those. Surgery center told me to come on over even though I wasn't scheduled until noon! We arrived at East Memphis Surgery Center (after finally finding it!)and got checked in by 9am. Sat in the waiting area and dozed off and on (since I had pulled one of my late nights- let me get things in order since I'm going to be out of commission). They finally called me back to get me ready for surgery around 11:30 and started surgery around 1pm. During surgery they removed the 2x2.5 cm tumor, took 2 lymph nodes to check for cancer cells, and inserted my port-a-cath that I will receive the chemo through. I woke in recovery around 2:30 and was headed home by 4pm (amazing what they can do outpatient!). Was home by 4:30 with all kinds of folks calling to check on me! Facebook friends were waiting anxiously to hear too! What a blessing to have our dear friend Amy Hertter walk in with dinner for us that night! Our sweet friends from church are bringing us meals for the next 2 weeks which will be such a help!

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March 14, 2011- had mammogram & ultrasound which showed some places with dense tissue, but not more cancer (biopsy wasn't necessary). Thank you,Lord!
March 17, 2011- got the call that my genetic tests were negative for breast cancer mutations which surprised me since I have been diagnosed so early! Great news, though, especially for our girls!

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