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Kathy has a blog!

Kathy, my wonderful wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. She has triple negative, invasive, ductal carcinoma. She had surgery Monday March 21st to remove the tumor. I have set her up with her own blog so that she can share her experiences and thoughts with those that are interested. You can find a link to it at the top of the page. We both appreciate your continued prayers and notes of support. She will beat this!


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Beginning my journey with breast cancer!

Feb. 11, 2011- found a lump that I thought was a swollen lymph node in my armpit
Feb. 14, 2011- called my OB/ Gyn to get her recommendation (she was out of office)
Feb. 15, 2011- her office called back and referred me to Dr. Michael Berry (who is a surgical oncologist)
Feb. 16, 2011- went to see Dr. Berry's FNP (nurse practitioner) who did an ultrasound and said this 2x 2.5 cm mass had no characteristics of cancer, that it was probably just something related to me still nursing. She advised we go ahead and set up a biopsy to rule that out, though.
Feb. 22, 2011- Saw Dr. Berry who was sure this was a ruptured milk duct or lactating cyst. He had FNP try to draw milk out with a syringe, but they got none and I saw his face get a bit concerned. Then he said, "Well, that wasn't it, but it is probably just a cyst." He went ahead with biopsy to clear our minds from that worry.
Feb. 23, 2011- Dr. Berry called and said, "Do you have a minute?" I was standing in the living room holding Sarah. He said, "I'm afraid you have breast cancer." Me:"Are you kidding me?" Dr B:"Ma'am, I don't joke about things like this." Me:"Well, I know you don't and I know that was a dumb question, but really?" Dr. B:"I'm afraid so, and I am just as shocked as you are- this is the last thing I was expecting." He said he only had the verbal pathology report back right now, but would have the written report back the next day. He asked if I could come to his office the next day and I said, "Whatever I need to do!"
Feb. 24, 2011- John and I went to Dr. Berry's office and he told us that it was invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3 (which are more aggressive cells). He also said it was ER and PR negative (estrogen and progesterone) and we needed to run one more test to see if it was Her2 + or -, which might allow an additional medicine to treat it with. He recommended a lumpectomy, but said I'd need chemo and radiation too. He had me get a mammogram in his office to make sure there weren't any other places, but it was hard read due to the milk, so he wanted to get an MRI to take a different look at things. Since an MRI is affected by hormones we had to wait until I had my cycle for that.
March 3, 2011- met with Geneticist about having genetic testing to see if I have mutated breast cancer gene that would put me at more risk for recurrence and let me know if our girls were @ risk. She said they would check with my insurance since it is a $4000 test before they did the test. I decided if ins would cover it, it would be worth it.
March 8, 2011- had MRI


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Dad is home!

Dad is finally out of the nursing home and back in his own home today. He actually got of the nursing home Friday and spent a few days in a motel while friends finished getting his house ready for him. He still has a long road to a full recovery, but we hope that he will do better at home. I know it will be easier on him emotionally speaking. If anyone is still checking this, please feel free to give him a call or drop by and visit with him.


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Relocated to new Facility

Dad has been moved to Golden Living in Springfield. He had requested to be moved there and it has taken a long time to make it happen. He is much closer to friends now and hopefully will receive more regular visits. This facility is newer and supposed to have great therapists.


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Received a voice mail this afternoon that Dad was evacuated to the National Guard Armory which I believe is in Lafayette. Red Boiling Springs is having a lot of flooding. Of coarse, for those in and around middle Tennessee, this is not a surprise.


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Just a brief update

It has been a while since I posted anything about Dad. There just aren't many changes in his condition on a regular basis. It is slow going now. He is still in The Palace nursing home in Red Boiling Springs, TN. He continues to improve. He is getting his strength back and able to get around on his own now. I am encouraging him to walk as much as he can to build of his strength. He is still having trouble swallowing and therefore is still using a feeding tube. He has a swallow study this week with ultrasound to see if there is something mechanical causing him to have issues. I hope that they can get that resolved soon. He is wanting to move to another facility named Golden Living to be closer to friends and get visitors more often. He is feeling down as he doesn't get many visitors and really is bored in the home. He is also worried about the horse show business. If you can visit him, please drop by and say "Hi". He would love to see people. His speech is much better and he is generally easy to understand. Sometimes he mumbles and you have to tell him to speak louder. Thanks for checking in.


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Update on Jack

I got a call this morning from the nursing home. Dad had gotten out of bed last night and disconnected things (including his personal alarm) and then fallen. They said he was really confused when that happened (about 2AM). He seems to get more confused when he is really tired. He was not injured and is back in bed now. They are n ow having the opposite problem with his blood pressure. It is going too low. They are now withholding the blood pressure medicine to try to get it stabilized. The therapists have not been able to asses him because of the low blood pressure and will not be able to until it is stable.


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The Palace - day 4

Dad was moved to The Palace facility Friday. I just spoke with the Director of Clinical Care there. He is anxious to get out of there and not happy at all to be there. He will be evaluated by the therapists tomorrow. He will most likely get therapy 5 times a week. He needs to get his strength back so he can get himself out of bed and around on his own. His swallowing will need some work so he can get off of the feeding tube and he will need some help with his speech. His speech is better in the morning, but by late in the day he gets tired and really hard to understand. I wish we would have been able to get him into a facility that is closer to his friends, but the only other one that had accepted him had really bad reviews and a low rating from the state. I figured it was better to get him into a better facility with the hope that he will get out of there quicker.


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Dad's moving

Dad is moving to The Palace in Red Boiling Springs this afternoon. He was accepted to two facilities and this one was much higher rated. Not sure what he will need when he gets there. Roger will be checking on him early next week to see what he needs. Hopefully this will be a short term thing and he will be back home soon. I tried to talk to him on the phone earlier, but he had been speaking with the nurses for a while and I had a hard time understanding him. He is easier to understand when he hasn't been speaking much. I think his vocal chords get tired or something.


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First off, for those who haven't been to visit Dad. He is doing very well. There is really not much to report, as every day he gets a little better and stronger. He may go to a rehab facility tomorrow, if he let's them take him. He has his cell phone and laptop and is making calls. Thank you all for your prayers and concern for him. Please continue to pray for his continued recovery and that he does not need to be in rehab for long.

Sarah and Kathy are doing fine. We may get to leave the hospital today. Kathy is up and walking around and not in too much pain. Here are few pictures of the girls (Kathy, Hannah, and Sarah).


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We have a girl!

Sarah Faith was born at 8:05 this morning! She weighed 9lb 11oz.and measures 19.5 inches long. Mom and daughter are doing fine. In the recovery room now. Will post some pictures later today.

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Prepping for delivery

We are now in the hospital getting ready for the C-section. Everything is looking good so far.


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Day 39 - Jack's Back

Dad made his first real attempt to get out of the hospital today. The hospital is still standing, nobody got seriously injured, and Dad is resting comfortably with medication now, so it all worked out OK. I consider this a good day as it really shows Dad's getting stronger, his voice is getting better and he realizes what is happening. He is also drinking water from a cup now, which means his swallowing is better. Please pray that Dad allows the doctors and nurses to do what is needed to get him better and that he continues to progress as well as he has.


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Day 38 - The move postponed

The where supposed to have moved Dad to a rehab facility yesterday, but it got postponed. Because he has a contagious infection, the facilities would not take him. The infectious disease doctor saw him yesterday afternoon and said that he should be good to move on Monday or Tuesday. It appears that he will be going to The Palace in Red Boiling Springs, TN. It is a 3 star facility and was highly recommended by his case worker. We have been unable to find a place for him closer to Nashville or in the Memphis area. By all reports he is doing very well. His speech is improving everyday and his short term memory is improving. His blood pressure is stable now and his swallowing is slowly improving as well.

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